Alex Lyon’s Bubble Blog – Episode 1

As the National Hockey League returns to play and heads towards the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Philadelphia Flyers have finished their Phase 3 Training Camp and set off for Toronto, the Flyers assigned “Bubble City”.  The players — 31 in total — will only have each other and select staff members to interact with inside the bubble as they shelter themselves from the COVID-19 Pandemic.  During this time, Lehigh Valley Phantoms and Flyers goaltender Alex Lyon will bring you an inside look at what goes on inside that bubble.  Over the next few weeks, his thoughts, sarcasm, antics and activities will be documented in Alex Lyon’s Bubble Blog. 

The Flyers have embarked on a legendary journey into the Canadian abyss in search of a Stanley Cup.  In hopes of giving you some insight into our life, and the bubble, I’ve decided to share some of our unique experiences through short videos.

In today’s segment, we speak to superstar Morgan “there’s a frost warning in the valley” Frost, Andy Welinski and Connor Bunnaman.  You’ll get to see the amazing view from my hotel room as well as the ample amount of closet space I’ve been lucky enough to stumble into.

Enjoy, and I look forward to sharing more of the bubble with you!

– Alex