Sled Hockey Athletes

Hockey is for everyone! 

This team is for youth with mobility challenges ages 5-16 years old. Athletes cannot be 17 years old or turning 17 years old during the season.

Please note: The current roster may be full at this time.

  • New athletes — Prior to registering with USA Hockey or completing the below form, please contact Jennifer Keeble to find out if your child may join the team as athlete on the active roster or on the waitlist.
  • Returning athletes – Your child(ren)’s spot is held until the end of August, at which point, if he/she/they are not officially registered, their spot will be released to another athlete.


Income-based scholarships are available, otherwise, there are two out of pocket costs of the program.

The first cost is for USA Hockey membership.

Fees by Birth Year –
2016 & Younger $15.00
2015-2014 $50.00
2013-2010 $61.00
2009-2004 $70.00


An Affiliate fee is also required (it is usually around $10). Even if you are on income-based scholarship, you have to complete the USA Hockey membership and pay at the time. You will be reimbursed by emailing Jennifer Keeble for a Check Request form and submitting this along with a copy of the USA Hockey membership certificate. This certificate serves as your receipt.

The second cost is for Phantoms Charities annual registration fee and that fee is $50.00. This fee covers the cost of Phantoms Sled Hockey Team membership, use of sleds, use of pucks, gloves, personalized jersey, and helmet that will be provided for each registered athlete. Personalized jerseys are property of the athlete. All helmets, sleds, and related gear are property of the team and will be collected at the end of the season, or when the athlete leaves the team. If it is not returned in reasonable condition, an invoice to pay for the equipment may be sent. Elbow pads and shin pads are optional and may be supplied by athlete.

PPL Center Waiver must be signed at the athlete’s first practice.


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ATHLETE Registration Form

  • My child(ren) may be photographed or videoed and those may be used publically. · Helmets and gloves must be worn at all times. If they come off while on the ice, play will be suspended until they are properly worn. · We do our best to remain consistent with athletes using the same sleds each time so they are comfortable and used to the size of their sled. Athletes, sometimes, for a variety of reasons, may have to use a different sled. · Safe stick handling is important. Sticks are equipped with sharp blades and must be treated with caution and respect. · Only designated volunteers, not parents/guardians/or athletes, may handle equipment to and from carts. · Registered therapy animals are permitted with paperwork. Pets are not allowed. · At least one parent/guardian must remain at sled hockey with their child(ren) for the entire duration of sled hockey. Athletes cannot be left unattended. · Parents/guardians are empowered to lift their child(ren) into and out of sleds and onto and off ice. Parents/guardians must be prepared to do so as this is not within the volunteer role. · Parents/guardians are not permitted to be alone with any child outside of their family, at any time, for any reason. Knock before entering the bathroom and please wait until no one else besides your family is inside before entering. · Reckless, dangerous, or unkind play will not be tolerated. Our team is made up of athletes of varying ages and abilities. All team members must remain respectful towards their fellow teammates. Failure to comply will result in being sent temporarily to the penalty box up to suspension from the team. · In the event of a USA Hockey sanctioned tournament, only athletes with mobility challenges may participate.