Phantoms Charities Summer Reading Challenge

The Summer Reading Challenge is a Phantoms Charities initiative that encourages local children to read books over the summer.

Read Books

Just like you exercise your body, it is important to exercise your brain.  It is recommended that you read for 20 minutes a day (whether you are reading alone, reading to someone else, or being read to).  If your summer vacation from school is 12 weeks long, and you read for just 20 minutes every day, that’s 1,680 minutes of reading.  Wow!

Earn Prizes

The Summer Reading Challenge is fun, easy, and FREE!  Read books that are level appropriate for 20 minutes a day over the summer, submit the online form, and be entered to earn two tickets to a Phantoms game at the PPL Center in Allentown for the 2019-2020 season.

Appreciate Family Bonding

Read with your family!  You can bring a book just about everywhere – in the car, on a plane, at the park, even to the grocery store.  Reading together is great way to create lasting memories while building social-emotional, concentration, and listening skills.

Do Well in School

The more you read, the better your foundational reading skills become.  Your math skills can even improve, too!  Your brain, and your teacher, will thank you later.

The Challenge kicks off June 7, 2019 and closes August 25, 2019.  To enter, fill out the form below! 

Happy Reading! 

Phantoms Charities Summer Reading Form

  • (must be in the Lehigh Valley)

  • Ticket prizes are limited, nomination for a prize does not guarantee one! 
  • Only winners will be notified
  • Parent/Guardians will be notified via email
  • Parent/Guardians are responsible for picking up prizes from the PPL Center Box Office; Prizes will not be mailed